MorpFW: Highly pluggable Python frameworkΒΆ


Morp is a python web development framework for developers who need a framework that provides some assistance in building applications that support distributed processing. Other web frameworks are primarily designed for standard wsgi processing, while distributed worker processing is primarily a feature that is added as a plugin, Morp is different in this sense because we try to make it a first class citizen of the framework.

Morp, built on top of Morepath, provides a highly extensible framework which supports:

  • REST API framework

    • DataClass schema model definition

    • CRUD endpoints

    • Search endpoint, powered by rulez query

    • Aggregation endpoint

    • State machine / transition engine powered by pytransitions

    • Soft delete

  • Modular storage engine

  • Authentication engine

    • Pluggable authentication system with JWT token and X-API-KEY header support

    • Hadoop style GET parameter with trusted host check

    • REMOTE_USER header with trusted host check

  • Authorization engine

    • Group & role management

  • Distributed processing & task scheduling

  • Plugin based architecture